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Teaching English in Elementary School in Indonesia

Written By Admin on Selasa, 03 April 2012 | 19.23

For a long time, there has been a lot of discussion about language are used and learn. People learning English wanted to learn to write and speak this is “Standard English “. Vocabulary has important role in developing reading, speaking, listening and writing beside that learning vocabulary can easier young learner to develop their four language skill. Many teachers are aware of importance of teaching vocabulary to their children, but they do not know to teach clearly, especially in elementary school.
Elementary school is the first stage in basic education level. Tamsik Udin (1987) stated that human being who has individual and social characteristic, at age 7 years old to 12 years old that involve in teaching learning process. Here, students learn some skill in order to develop their ability and prepare for the next education stage in the basic education level.
The curriculum in elementary school is arranged to reach national educations’ purposes. The important things in curriculum arrangement is that curriculum must be appropriate with the students’ grow, circumstance of environment and also develop of technology.
Elementary school curriculum consists of national curriculum and local content curriculum. National curriculum is curriculum that arranged by education department. The content of curriculum has to learn by students in Indonesia and the Indonesians’ school students in abroad.
In curriculum there are standard competence and basic competence. It is use to difference the level of learning achievement. One of the standard competences of English in Fifth grade in Elementary school is understand the simple instruction with action in school context. It means that students of elementary school were expected able to communicate with simple instruction by using English in the school context. Every standard competence has basics competence deal with the lesson that will learn.
In Elementary school, students were taught about the basic of English. They will learn about the simple subject such as things around them, the name of fruit, sport, game and giving instruction, etc. In other word, they will learn a lot about vocabulary.
Vocabulary is a list of words with their meaning glossaries and sum of words used in language. Those words have meaning and convey some message (Hurt, 1976: 14). Vocabulary is one of the importance components of the language. Vocabulary can be seizing one word, phrase or more that explain one idea. Also short sentences, used repeatedly in communication activity orally.
Vocabulary learning in Indonesia considered as one of base material taught to the students before they learn other material in English domain. The recently developing, vocabulary is taught integrally with other skills and elements of language as like: listening, speaking, reading and structure. But teaching vocabulary in Indonesia, especially in elementary school is mostly taught in conventional way.
The way to present the vocabulary is really influence the student’s achievement in learning vocabulary. Unfortunately, many teachers do not understand how the good way to deliver the material is. It is also to be reason why student’s ability in mastering English is still less, although they have learnt it since in early age.
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